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Event registration and management.

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Why did we create a system like this? The answer is simple. We wanted to streamline the entire process of setting up and running events. As hosts of multiple yearly events ourselves, we got tired of relying on other companies for this and having to conform to their system and it's limitations. So we decided to build an extremely easy-to-use system that allows both event organizers and club/team directors to create and manage everything in one place including events, teams, rosters, hotels, registration and even payment!

Our system is designed to make the registration and management process extremely easy and user friendly for Club Directors. All club data can be easily managed and applied to any event hosted through our system! Rosters, hotel booking, and event registration can all be handled in one place, easily and effectively! Create your account and get started now!

ForgePath Tournament Management System makes it easy to create and manage all of your events! From small, single day, single venue events, to multi-day, multi-venue events with hundreds of teams, our system allows you the flexibility to set up and run your tournament the way you want to! Create an account today and see for yourself!